• 1905
    Missionary Dr. J. W. Nolan, the first director, opened Kwangju Jejungwon on November 20.
  • 1908
    Missionary Dr. R. M. Wilson became the second director.
  • 1911
    Ellen-Lavine Graham Hospital was built.
  • 1912
    A leper colony was built.
  • 1923
    A dental office was opened by missionary Dr. J. K. Levie.
  • 1930
    Missionary Dr. L. C. Brand became the third director and devoted himself to the elimination of tuberculosis.
  • 1933
    Ellen-Lavine Graham Hospital was destroyed by a fire.
  • 1934
    A two-story fire proof building with a central heating system was constructed to continue mission works.
  • 1940
    Missionary Dr. J. F. Preston, Jr. became the fourth director. In November, Ellen-Lavine Graham Hospital was closed by the Japanese Empire.
  • 1951
    Missionary Dr. H. A. Codington was appointed as the fifth director in September and reopened the hospital.
  • 1955
    A new tuberculosis ward was built.
  • 1963
    Missionary Dr. D. H. Neuisma reopened dental office.
  • 1965
    Ellen-Lavine Graham Hospital was accredited as an intern training and general hospital.
  • 1966
    Missionary Dr. W. L. Simpson became the sixth director.
  • 1967
    Missionary Dr. R. B. Dietrick was appointed as the seventh director.
  • 1976
    Dr. Chin Duk Huh became the eighth director. He was the first Korean director.
  • 1988
    A Mother-Child Health Center was built.
  • 1991
    The Emergency Center and Health Screening Center were newly built.
  • 1996
    Dr. Ki Bok Kim became the ninth director.
  • 1998
    Dr. Ju Sup Park became the tenth director.
  • 2000
    The Order Communication System(OCS) was developed.
  • 2001
    The Operating Room, Wilson Hall, Intensive Care Unit, Labor Room, NICU, Engine Room, and Transformer Substation were extended and moved to their present locations.
  • 2002
    Dr. Kyung Euy Song became the eleventh director.
  • 2003
    The Hospice ward was newly opened.
  • 2004
    Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center and Micro Reconstructive Surgery Center were newly opened.
  • 2005
    Day Surgery Center was newly opened. The hospital celebrated itsCentennial Anniversary with old missionaries and their families.
  • 2006
    Children Rehabilitation Center was newly opened.
  • 2007
    Dr. Byung Ran Park became the twelfth director.
  • 2009
    Remodeling of the hospital.


At present, the total land area of the hospital is 37,873㎡, and the total hospital building site is 43,574㎡. The hospital building has 600 beds. There are about 800 hospital staff and 28 medical departments.